Top 10 questions to ask when choosing a booking engine for your website
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Top 10 questions to ask when choosing a booking engine for your website
14 October 2013

People on vacation at a stunning tropical location are often taking a break from their busy schedules to relax and unwind. So when it comes to planning that trip, it needs to be a painless process, setting the tone for the relaxing holiday that awaits them. You can make it easier for them to choose your property by giving them the simple tools they need to book, pay and stay with you.

Having a booking engine within your website can increase your room bookings, boost your revenue and drive down your commission fees. The benefits to you, and convenience for guests should not be underestimated.

If you are approached by a booking engine company, here are some key questions to ask them:

1.       Can I easily update text content and photos?

2.       Can I easily load and change rates along with rate conditions?

3.       If I have more than one property can a website visitor book multiple properties at one time?

4.       Can I choose to embed my booking engine into my site or have it appear separately?

5.       Can a visitor book different room rates on different days?

6.       Can a visitor book different room types on different days?

7.       Is the number of pages to make a booking 3 or less?

8.       Can a visitor view my rates in multiple currencies?

9.       What is the average conversion percentage for the booking engine?

10.   Will bookings flow directly into my property management system?

RéserveGroup’s evoSuite booking engine enables you to do all of this and more. evoSuite powers over 450 hospitality clients across the Pacific. First launched 10 years ago, evoSuite was the South Pacific's very first website based booking engine and is still one of the world's best. To find out how an evoSuite booking engine can help your business, contact our team on or phone +64 7 541 1111 today. We'd love to hear from you.



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