Are you coping with life after Hummingbird?
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Are you coping with life after Hummingbird?
05 December 2013

You will already know from our Hummingbird newsletter in October (read here), that Google has changed the game again. Website content and visitor experience is top of the agenda when looking at how to ensure your website is found in search. Google constantly perform changes to the way they rank websites in search engine results pages; our job is to stay on top of this and provide recommendations or services to ensure your holiday park is found online.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a service that aims at increasing your websites visibility in search engines, and, as indicated in our Hummingbird news article, things have changed. Not performing tasks required for website visibility can cause your website rankings in Google to decline. Dropping off the top pages of Google results can cause website traffic to dry up.

What is my next step?

The first step to search engine optimisation (SEO), content optimisation, and website enhancement is hard data. The best way to see how your website is performing and make informed decisions on what actions to perform is to see how visitors and search engines view and use your site. The first step to determine this is implementing Google Analytics. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up, you should do this now. We can set up Google Analytics at a one off cost of $150 + GST.

What are my options?

Our team have put together package options aimed at enhancing your websites performance in search and increase conversion rates, which means more people finding your site, staying longer, and making bookings. This service pays for itself through increased visibility in search and a truly enhanced visitor experience on your site. All actions performed are done through analysis and planning. Google Analytics is a pre-requisite for these services and set up is free of charge when signing up.

SEO does not happen overnight. Google will analyse your site once every 4-6 weeks with the trend showing that this happens in New Zealand at the end of the month. This means the best way to ensure that any SEO work being performed is achieving results, is to make adjustments one month and analyse results the next month. For this reason we are offering the below monthly packages for a minimum of 6 months.

SEO Ranking Pack - $225 + GST per month

This package is designed specifically for holiday parks in New Zealand and is aimed at increasing your visibility in Google, and attracting more visitors to your website. You are required to make a commitment of 6 months minimum contract in order for the true value of this work to be realised. Included in our monthly SEO package is the following:

  • Research and development of key phrase strategy
  • On-going monitoring and reporting of key phrase rankings in Google
  • On-going content and SEO enhancement to provide maintenance/growth of rankings for strategic key phrases
  • Measurement and reporting through Analytics and SEO Powersuite

Content and Conversion Enhancement add-on - $150 + GST per month

For a further $150 + GST per month we offer comprehensive website performance enhancement and reporting. This package is designed to enhance your websites performance once visitors have arrived. The aim is ultimately to increase bookings. A booking engine with RéserveGroup is required to sign on to this add on, and again you are required to make a commitment of 6 months minimum contract in order for the true value of this work to be realised.

The package includes:

  • Setting up filters and goals in Analytics – used to measure in page performance and determine areas that require content enhancement
  • Establishing revenue and mobile visitor dashboards in analytics – used to analyse room type performance and mobile visitor website usage
  • Scheduled revenue and mobile visitor usage reporting – monthly reports on the these factors are sent
  • Analysis and enhancement of content to increase online conversion rates (bookings)

Comprehensive One-off SEO catch up - One off cost of $500 + GST

If you have not thought about or looked at SEO on your website in some time, now is the time to catch up with current practices in order to ensure your SEO meets the requirements of Google Hummingbird. We are currently offering an SEO re-fresh package for a one off cost of $500 + GST.

This package includes:

  • Research and reporting on keywords
  • Research to determine which keywords are relevant, have people actively searching for them and should be used in SEO activities
  • Updating relevant back end SEO areas of your website
  • Updating SEO content based placements
  • Reporting on before and after results of SEO work completed

To learn more about how we can help your business be found online or to sign up to one of these packages, contact Holiday Park SEO Expert, Richard Allen, on 07 541 1111 extension 219 or email today.

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